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Robert Lawson

I asked for a hold (pencil in) on the 17-18 weekend in October.

Some of our regular guys will miss it because the Org’s have been pushing their events late into the Season. For the most part, the racing in the region will be over and getting new Sprint drivers to come out may be a good possibility.

In my opinion, in a laydown kart, its just too rough for me…. I have not given up on driving a kart there. I asked Larry Rumsey to get 1 of his CIK 125’s ready for me to try…. thats right, Robert in a Sprint kart! If some of the G125 guys will come up then I’ll try to hang with them!!!

In the mean time I’m working on a new headrest system for my ride to help keep my vision “in focus” over the bumps!

So start saving your pennies for October now…. I promise, BRISKET this time!!!!