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Robert Lawson


I have 2 Saturday dates in October for Grattan.

The full weekend 17 & 18 is still available and the following Saturday 24th is also open. I will keep you informed of the happenings involving these dates.

Rich and I have taken on yet more work to do before our planned trip to Nelson. A complete refurbish of the exterior of the Trailer is now in full swing. We removed the rear doors and broke them down, what we found was startling!  It is my intention to make Nelson but if we get closer and it looks tight we may just resort to Gingerman OR just heading back to Grattan on one of the listed dates above.

On a more somber note, we have lost our good friend and mentor Tom Barth. His health had been degrading the last year or so, he fought right to the end. He ran his race and finished the Course! He can now rest and wait for the rest of us!!! Tom allowed me to help him build my first enduro shifter kart. That adventure touched so many others as I too paid it forward and help guys get up & running.

Thank You Tom for the Gift, Godspeed!!!

More to Come,