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Robert Lawson

I’m back up and running and Better than ever!!!!
I actually regained access to my other YT channel and can post there too!

Lost a bunch of stuff but I have the old hard drive AND I had backed up the PC on disc so I can get most of it back quickly.


2 Beautiful days of open running, 40 total drivers and a count of 60 over those days made for an unprecedented never before done WEEKDAY edition of Testing specifically for Karts only! Pat yourselves on the back, you made karting history!

Rich and Kenny, Dave Ahrens, Bob Cole, & Larry Rumsey made life for me over the 2 days much easier!!! Bob Kurkowski came out and took photos of the action both days and I have posed most of them on the “Enduro Go-Kart Racing” group at FB. A bunch of the guys offered to help in the future, and that made all of the work and headache worthwhile!!!

I can now officially announce our position of US supplier of the Moto Line of Repsol Lubricants. We are not yet a Distributor but the American Dealer, so retail will be our goal as we get started. Just got our first samples of the high end 2T Racing premix oil and some wet & dry chain lubes to test just in time for Grattan. I LOVE the dry lube! Never tried that type before and always hated cleaning up the sticky mess that was left behind from the wet stuff we used to run. Planning on dyno testing the 2T and comparing the chain lubes on the dyno too as soon as I get a minute to do it. The Repsol line is not just a karting venture for us, we intend (GOD willing!) to open a store front and work on non DOT track bikes… and karts if we get the work, but primarily aftermarket bike supplies and gear. My Repsol edition CBR250R will make a nice artistic piece in the showroom if we get that far. I have no interest in riding it anymore with all hell is breaking loose out there.

Hope Y’all are well, healthy, and safely back home!!!!

Talk Soon!!!