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Robert Lawson

Just to settle your nerves….

I got a few texts about the MI Gov extending the stay at home order. Guys, its been in play since March, Golfing has been off the chain since allowed to reopen a few weeks ago. The track opened last Friday to a small private group for test/tune and they have had no issues with Law enforcement.

We are going to be fine.

ALL Monday Only drivers will be positioned in the LOWER Paddock.

ALL 2 Day drivers will be utilizing the Garages and UPPER Paddock.

ALL Tuesday Only drivers will begin loading into the LOWER Paddock Monday evening AFTER 6PM  to allow the Monday Only drivers to vacate pit spaces.

This will help avoid any ingress/egress issues of traffic.

More to come, just 1 week to go!


UPDATE 5-24:  Spoke to Curt at the track today, things are going very well. No neighbor complaints, no law enforcement visits, and the crowds were much bigger than what we expect to bring. Spectating IS allowed on the grounds, they won’t run anyone off. I still do not want any spectating or visitors/guests in the Paddock during track hours.