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Robert Lawson


I spoke to Sam today about a max number of karts/drivers SAFELY allowable to stay within the Order of State regulations.

Mentioning that we initially wanted a full weekend I was persuaded to ask the 2 day guys that were in line for a cash refund if they would be available to do a weekday 2 fer. I don’t have all the responses in yet, but, with what I do have and these new drivers wanting track time it looks like adding Tuesday June 2nd may very well be possible.

Due to this increased interest I will take New Drivers for Tuesday Only.

Monday is full, no more karts/drivers will be added to avoid overcrowding.

New Tuesday only Drivers will NOT be able to enter the Paddock until the Monday Program has concluded and some evacuation has taken place.  Respecting other’s space, as requested by Order of the MI Gov, applies to the entire facility.

*Tuesday Entry Fee: $225 Per Driver, *must prepay
*Monday Driver adding Tuesday: $100 *must prepay
Paid Weekend Drivers: Your Choice, $100 Cash Refund OR Stay Tuesday

Adding Tuesday is a full day lease, so, I have to know guys are not going to pimp me and sit home & watch the weather. You’re in or you’re Out!

As JW always says…. “Nothin says I’m IN like a Check!!!!!”

Did I need this headache? No, absolutely not. But I feel for all these guys that have no opportunity near them. We are very fortunate to have the guys at Grattan working with us as they do…. They don’t need us, that’s for sure!

More coming!!!!


10:32 am *Money talks, If all “talking” send an entry, there will be only 4-5 spots remaining for Tuesday June 2nd.

12:38 pm ** Tuesday is NOT in stone until its paid off. For the prepaid 2 day guys that said yes to Tuesday I will refund as planned if this doesn’t shake out.

UPDATE 5-15:
The long distance guys have been sending payments so I can say with confidence that Tuesday HAS BEEN ADDED!!!!