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Robert Lawson

Its almost not worth posting here anymore.

You can’t copy & paste in a post or it just doesn’t show up…….Ridiculous.

Long post abbreviated…

Gingerman IS open for test & tune/private rentals. You will have to do a search for their website, if I leave it here…. no post! Take a look at what they are doing to open their facility.

Red Bud MX Park in Buchanan MI has listed on their website that they too are open, in a limited capacity. Look them up as well.

These are just 2 examples of like business we are also looking to do June 1.

I was going to wait until at least the 15th to call the track and see how things are going. But, idiots are running the world and others are freaking this AM out about kart races being run or not on SM. I called the track and Curt who lives on the grounds and got VM from both.

I hear Bars and Restaurants out by the Lake just minutes from here are opened so I just thought an update was warranted.

I’ll be back with an update from Grattan.