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Robert Lawson

I’ve been getting lots of calls, texts, email from new interest.

We did actually need a couple additional guys after losing a couple so that was good. But I have shut it down now, we can’t go all-in because of the 6′ radius thing.

I have a short list of guys that waited too long or never sent a check that would be considered if the reins get loosened up a bit more and can be added.

Last thing any of us need is to be turned away or worse, get selected to go home, because there are too many for the Track’s comfort. We will have to wait and see what the State will do.

With that said, at this time, plan on bringing no more than 1 guy to help you per driver. And, unless the regulations change there will be NO SPECTATORS allowed inside the Paddock of  the Track.

More as it Comes in Boys……