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Robert Lawson

Well boys, we didn’t have to wait until the end of the month after all.

Yes, the MI Gov extended the order through May 15, BUT, the Golf Courses can (AND ALREADY ARE!) open with no carts. The 6′ “no mans land” radius still applies, we’ll see how it gets adjusted (yes, it CAN go back) as the next couple weeks pass.

I had a feeling that rescheduling from early April (that no one wants) to later into Summer (Normally Booked up) would bring some kind of difficulty once things were opened up. We pay much less in April and Oct. than even Summer weekday bookings, so what happened doesn’t surprise me.

May 30-31 was given to a car group. It sucks, I know, but they are paying double what we would have.


June 1 it is boys. I’m done, no more playing around. STILL a great opportunity for awesome weather. Just happy to have a goal to shoot for now!

Details will come, I still plan to drive out Sunday and get in whenever we can. Hang in there boys, it’ll get better!!!