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Robert Lawson

I’ll try this again. No “link” and yet it didn’t post my note.

The “old” EKN never did this!

So, by unanimous vote, we have moved to June 1st.

Will find out what/who is leasing May 30-31 so we know how to approach getting in the Paddock Sunday PM.

A couple Positives:

1. They should have Race Gas then!
2. T1 repair should be done too!!
3. Better Camping Weather!!!
4. Much Better KARTING WEATHER!!!!

My guess, from overhearing Cher’s conference calls, this return to normal in MI. will roll out slowly. By demographics based on age/health history & area by number of cases. We’ll see, NY extended to 5-15 but they had big #’s of cases.

Not sold on all this just yet but all we can do is set it up and hope we get to play a bit ASAP!

Take Care Y’all, more to come yet……..