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Robert Lawson

I’m getting some feedback and some insight, actually.

We can probably forget about those first 4 dates in May (1-11-12-14).

If MI. doesn’t extend the order again when it expires May 1st its pretty safe to say they won’t just go “Hog Wild” and throw open the flood gates of freedom to every business’ door.

Also, June 23-25-26 is the week following Mid-Ohio and that makes no sense either.

So, IMHO, it looks like Mid – May as an earliest opportunity and 1 of the 5 June dates listed as the latest of prime time weekday dates.

I’ll share my vote for best date, June 1st.

Its a Monday so it extends the weekend, allows us to get out there in the afternoon Sunday, and wait to be let in after that lessee is off the clock (5-6pm) to set up.

Worst case the following 2 days are open (currently) and can be used to adjust for weather in advance???!!!

And…. its perfectly placed to tune for Mid-Ohio.

I’m totally open to whatever Y’all want to do! Local Mall, private road, new contruction subdivision!!! I’m flexible, many of Y’all seem to be as well!