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Robert Lawson

Sam sent what he has OPEN for May and June.

May 1-11-12-14-19-20-22-26-27-29

June 1-2-3-9-11-23-25-26

Considering the Gateway date, May 8-10, and the work schedule of a couple others that do not have “regular” M-F jobs, we can narrow this down to a few dates right now.

What we are left with looks like this:

MAY: 14 Thur, 19 Tues , 20 Wed, 26 Tues or 27 Wed.  

Going into June, I think most all will be looking at Mid-Ohio 19-21

That leaves:

JUNE: 1,2,3 Mon-Wed, 9 Tues, or 11 Thur

Let me know what you think.