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Robert Lawson

Thanks Guys for being decisive and prompt in returning an opinion on the options mentioned above.

ALL are either open to a weekday OR prefer a weekday at Grattan. Of those, a major majority would rather get refunded than go to MIS on a weekend day.

I was very surprised by the outcome, surely no one would want to do a weekday anywhere I thought. Boy was I wrong. Thanks for saving me the work of chasing MIS for dates then chasing all of you to coordinate a date that would work for enough of you to pull it off.

A list of weekdays for the month of May is coming, hopefully today. Once we know what kind of weekday “cycle” of booking is happening we can further weed out particular days that are go-no go.

Boys, I don’t mind doing the work if Y’all are going to stay with it.

More coming, hang in there!!!!