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Robert Lawson

So, I’m reposting the info from above.

To get a printed copy search on the State & Order number and you should find them. Again, Ohio didn’t designate a number to theirs as the Health Dept Director issued the Order. Search: DirectorsOrderStayAtHome for the Ohio version.


I have spent most of the day chasing this “loop hole” in the stay at home orders issued by Ill., OH., IN., and MI. I’m sure WI. is the same as they all seem to be using an Outline and adding their specific State’s name to it. The text is practically identical.

The MI order, being #2020-21 states this:

“Section 7: Exemptions

a. Individuals may leave their home or place of residence, and travel as necessary:

1. To engage in outdoor activity, including walking, hiking, running, cycling, or any other recreational activity consistent with remaining at least six feet from other people from outside the individuals household.”

There are 11 different explanations of exceptions to the “stay at home” Orders. This is the first, and all we need.

As I said, the other States say the same thing. I called the Indiana State covid call center and asked if I were to travel from Ill. to MI. (or vise/versa) for an outdoor activity fitting the description as Essential in all 3 State’s Executive Orders to shelter in place (IN. order #20-08, MI. #2020-21, ILL. E.O. #8) “would I be stopped or otherwise not allowed to pass through their State to do so? ”

The answer was: No, I don’t think so.

I’m just laying the ground work here Boys, the MI Gov will extend this order just as Ill and Oh just have. But, according to their own Orders, we would be within the protocol of these Orders keeping the required distance between us at an outdoor activity.

Obviously, the final call is Sam’s. Speaking with him today he agrees we should be OK, and, still plans to have us out the last weekend in April. If we must exercise this interpretation of these Orders I would suggest everyone print copies of their State’s Order and the MI Order to present to a State Police rep in case of being stopped. I will also ask for your GO-NO GO before forcing you to come or lose your investment as I did when changing the date.

Thanks for hanging together thus far, I am actually STILL getting interest here and there.

An extension of the existing State Orders doesn’t change the Exemption Section for Essential Activity. Only a complete shutdown will close this option for us. I have to collect from a couple guys local here, then I think we should just close it up. 1 day is better than none.

I’ll be back!