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Stephen Huelsman

My response to this.  I sold Tadas a used Miniswift with with mount, electrical, pipe, carb and battery box for $1,000.  It was straight off my sons kart from the last race.  He asked for the piston size which I gave him.  I FedEx the motor to his home with tracking number and he did receive.  The day he received it he called me and wanted a refund.  I said I would be happy to refund it if he returned it.  He wanted me to refund it before the return was set.

I called Paypal and asked them how I should handle it.  They told me to have him file a dispute.  I told him that and he wouldn’t do it.  For three days he kept calling and telling me to refund his money.  I told him each time to just file the dispute so that Paypal would hold his funds in my account and release them when I received it back.  This way both of us would be protected.

Finally after three days of calling me he did what Paypal said to do and filed the dispute and shipped the product.  I immediately issued the refund authorization,  upon receipt of the package.  As soon as it was received, I notified Paypal that I received the package back and a refund was issued.  I ended up blocking his phone number once we had Paypal dispute started because he called and text repeatedly.  To be honest, I actually thought it was a scam as I thought he was trying to end up with the motor and a refund as he didn’t want to go through Paypal.  Once I received the package back and he received his refund I also sent him $125 to cover his shipping back.  So this transaction cost me $125 ship each way so $250 on a $1,000 transaction.  However I have tried to make him happy.

To his end, he did send the motor back and to my end I did issue a refund.  I feel bad that he was unsatisfied with the motor but I had to go through Paypal to make sure I received the motor back before he received the refund.