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Robert Lawson

MI. has joined a few other States now in suggesting we “stay at home” for an extended period of time. This is not a Law, it isn’t even a requirement as I understand it. People in these places are still able to drive and move about, most of the social infrastructure is being throttled back or closed.

I just posted this at FB:

Here is a bit of LIGHT in the darkness, and maybe answer to Prayer:

Just spoke to Sam at Grattan, the Audi Club backed out and rescheduled for October which means…..

We now have the choice to push/move to the open date of April 25-26!

Even though we hear MI. has adopted this suggested “Stay at Home” plan and gatherings under 10 peeps, The Management and I do not see how that applies to us at a race track for a closed private test of very limited numbers. If there is clear cut penalty then OK, but if it remains a suggestion and not a requirement I also don’t see why we should not do it.

The Guys at the Track are looking into it and will notify me if anything changes.

I’m still building a kart here!


Please, if you have my cell# shoot me a text, or email to let me know if that Late April date is good/bad for you.


Updates as I get them.