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Robert Lawson

We still roll on with the idea we will get to use the track in a couple weeks.

Just 2.5 weeks to the Lease date and 1.5 to get an entry here. We can assume that Sunday is not going to happen. Saturday is just about paid for and those that responded positively to my calls or email in the past week will put us in the Green.

If you are one of those who remain to send something, just do it. Keep our USPS folks working!

I spoke with Jerry Revely in Ill. His State has requested their folks “Stay at Home”. It is NOT a Law, its a request. They can go out, the roads are not blocked, Highways are not shut down. I’m hearing that Our Quack Gov will call for the same on Monday so we’ll wait and see. As I told Jerry, if we have met the Lease, the Track is up for it, and the roads are not forcibly blocked…. I’M THERE!!!

I have already stuffed individual envelopes with $$$ for all whom sent full weekend funds. Your refund of the difference will be waiting for you at the track unless something changes.