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Robert Lawson

I have to laugh….

Foolishness will probably be the end to our Test AND anything else you enjoy in life.

Could a Flu epidemic close down our entire country?

Our Dem Gov here in MI just closed all schools for a month….. what the hell will they do after that? When the 1st Trucking Co. decides to shut down the rest will follow out of fear of ridicule and the inherent “labeling” that will go with it. Then it could get real ugly. TP will be the least of our problems.

I can solve this right here, right now.

“We will be canceling ALL Campaign Rally’s, Conventions, and closing ALL voting polls and allowing Donald J Trump to serve a second term. The National vote will be re instituted after this terrible Global Pandemic has been Completely Contained.”

THAT will end it.

Otherwise, we’ll lose our entire summer until he gets re elected in Nov…. THEN it will surely disappear, like a fart in the wind.

Waiting to hear that WKA has cancelled Charlottle, ya know, because there won’t be any TP at the track!!!!