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Robert Lawson

Just posted the “21 day warning” at the enduro group page on FB.

I started with a clean sheet and relisted the names on the penciled-in list I had here. Scratched off 7, have 28 remaining, and can probably scratch another 8 or 9 to be honest.

I’m still healing here from the spine surgery. Its taking much longer than I expected. In some pain, at times, because I was stupid and over rotated trying to force this process, injuring the healing of the vertibre. Visited the Surgeon last Friday, he looked at new films and said nothing has been dislodged or moved so I should stop the PT portion of my gym time and just continue work on the weight loss for awhile. The treadmill work actually feels good on the back. So, why all the history? I may not be able to drive in April, heck, I may not be ready to drive until later this Summer. So I’m not going to get out of joint about Grattan, if it happens then cool. If not, I’m already more focused on hitting the dyno now so it won’t be as great a loss to me in the condition I’m in.

On the BRIGHT SIDE….. my work of many months is nearing the end of its long and weary path! I have been chasing an opportunity, fighting a language barrier, overcoming a misunderstanding of a foreign system of operation, and generally getting PO’d by the unwillingness of this International Corp. to bend its rules and work with me on making this endeavor possible…… the First in the USA.

In just 1 more week, GOD willing, I’ll be able to share it with you!!!!  ;)

I’ll be back…..