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Robert Lawson

Another week gone!

Between the gym and the garage I’m feeling pretty good. Sometimes I think its going to be a stretch getting in the kart by April. This is going to be a longer recovery time than a broken bone. Much more “growth” has to take place for the vertebra spacer to be stable. I keep plugging away though!

By this time next week I should have 4 corners on the Animal Project kart. From there the ride height can be tuned in and its a-welding-we-will-go! Things will really start happening quicker at that point.

Got my Primary engine completely rebuilt and sitting right here in the house with me! After testing I’ll get started building the kart for that engine and with any luck should be able to shake it down at Nelson, Gingerman, or Pitt. Worse case, we try to do a Grattan test in October again. This kart is my Daytona project and just needs a shake down before Dec. The plan was to run it with a rented Modena at Daytona so we’ll see if that works out.

Super busy! All kinds of things going on here but I still can’t explain yet.

Get off your wallets boys and send Big Daddy some $$$$$!!!!! I would really like to put this thing to rest EARLY!

See you soon!