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Robert Lawson

I’ve been aware that Easter is April 12th for some time now…..

It was only a matter of time until someone else raised an eyebrow. Its too early to start changing up the date until we know how it will effect things.

The  4th & 5th of April were also available, as usual, so it isn’t off the table yet. I’ll have to call Sam to be sure its still open, AND get feed back from Y’all before making any changes.

Most of Y’all that know me know that I bring a Bible with me everywhere, especially the track. When I can’t be at a Church Service because I’m racing I just do it in my trailer!!! I know a few of you have overheard me in there making a video on a Sunday morning. Its all good. Last June my Bro Kenny and I hit a local Church for Sunday Worship Service on our way to the track in Mansfield. We were not racing so arriving late wasn’t an issue. To be honest I wish there WAS a group doing some sort of Church meeting at the track early in the AM on Sunday’s. Just in the last 2 seasons have I been pleasantly surprised to find others at the track that believe as I do. I thought I was on an Island!!!

Anyway, April 12th being Easter is not an issue for me personally. If feedback tells us it will become a deal breaker then we’ll see about changing it.

Send an email guys if this is something you just cant do.