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Robert Lawson

*** The info above has been updated! (1-9-20)

Yeah, this Ins. thing never goes well.

So I think were just gonna go with the Track waiver!

We’ve done it this way for 25 years or more with no issue. Our safety record is unblemished.

Looking over my lists and notes from 17′ when we pulled off the financing for a 2 fer, most participants were full weekend entries. If that is the case here we will be ok. I do not want Saturday overloaded with single day guys to be able to pay for Sunday. Again, Big Daddy will accept a couple bucks free & clear of the lease… but it is NOT my goal. And most certainly NOT if the safety of all involved is compromised.

So, I’ll cap it off.

There is a magic number of mixed Sat/Sun participation to still have the relaxed atmosphere we have all come to enjoy.  I’ll let you know as I start collecting fees how many of each are available.

Business is about to pick up boys!