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Robert Lawson

Closed Private Kart Test & Tune

Grattan Raceway April 11 – 12 2020

Friday 4-10:

6pm: Entry for Trailer drop off or Paddock/Garage entry and camping.

10pm: Gate closes.


Saturday 4-11:

7am: Gate opens.
Only Drivers and Crew Members will be admitted inside the Track unless prior arrangements for non participants/spectators have been made. ALL others will watch from outside the Circuit, Management may require signing a Waiver to be on the Track grounds.

8am: Drivers Meeting.
This is mandatory, do not arrive late to the Track. A required Track Prep List for each kart must be correctly filled out BY THE DRIVER of that kart before you can get on the track. It must be signed by an Official and a participant sticker will be issued. No sticker on kart, No kart on track.

9am: Track is Green!
We will run non stop until a kart is reported off Circuit by a Marshal. At that time a 15 minute clock will start, no one will have to sit for more than 15 min and upon going green if the first kart on track goes off we will always get at least 15 min of testing time before pick-up. Be aware, we may have 2 groups in the AM  for New or Young participants.

12:30pm: Lunch break.

5pm: On Track activity ends.

6pm: Dinner for Drivers and Crew.

11pm: Gate is Closed


Sunday 4-12:

7am: Gate opens

8am: Drivers Meeting

9am: Track is Green. 

12:30pm: Lunch Break. 

5pm: On Track activity ends. 


Single Day Driver Fee: $225

Weekend Driver Fee: $325

**Single day entries will be limited, Saturday AND Sunday**

**Entry is NON transferable and NON negotiable!**

**Refunds will be sent if cancellation takes place PRIOR to the date of the event.**

**You must Prepay. No entries will be accepted at the Track.
Entry in-hand deadline is April 1st.

Send check or Money Order payable to:

Robert Lawson

17731 Ivanhoe

Roseville, MI. 48066

*Please include Driver name, number of Crew attending, and kart class*


*** NOTES:

> We will not stop Green running for gate traffic, BE ON TIME!

> PayPal payments welcome. (please use Friends & Family option)

>NO pit passes Issued, All must sign the Track Waiver before entering.

> Race Gas will NOT be available from the Track. BYOF

> 2 day Participants are required to date & sign their Prep List each day.

(this does NOT require a 2nd form, email of advance copy pending)

> Dinner will be provided Saturday Evening for all Drivers and Crew.

> Camping is Free.

> Garages are Free and open to First come.

> Participants may pit in the Upper OR Lower Paddock.

> All times are tentative and subject to weather and track conditions.


To inquire about late night arrival, format, scheduling, to pay by Paypal or other questions (Spectating, or bringing Children under 12)

Send email here: f-125@hotmail.com

April deadline is just 3 weeks away!

More to come,