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Robert Lawson

Well, strange morning to say the least!

Our livestream feed from Church went dead, refired then was all out of sync before stopping for good. This never happens!

Then, the weather broke in Fla, still looks spotty at best, and they got a round of practice in. Now, the dang Race Monitor is up AND suddenly has a description for the RR series?????? Its irritating as hell that they wait and piss everyone off.

I want to see if JW runs the laydown or not. He posted a pick of the Anderson this AM on FB so not sure what going on. He is not answering calls or text???

Its 76F, 70%  chance of precip and 85% humidy. Tough to turn record breaking laps in these conditions.

Aaaaaand as soon as I post this it started raining there! The first race (Cadet 206) ran their full 15 min and before the next race could start, it started raining. On hold down there!