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Robert Lawson

A very Merry Christmas to Y’all!!!

I have been watching old VHS tapes from all our trips to Daytona this afternoon. We had some good times, and good runs down there. You almost always seem to run by yourself before the race is finished. I know guys that say “that must be sooo boring!” but ya know, it really isn’t. Racing the clock is very challenging at Daytona because every move is amplified at terminal velocity. Of course you’d like to play IROC cars with a gang of dudes but that just doesn’t happen anymore, even in the low HP classes.

Anyway, I’m all fired up for the Kart Week  action to get started. I certainly hope the Race Monitor will function and we can watch things unfold as they happen.

Practice starts on Saturday the 28th, racing 29 & 30. I’ll be watching Johnny West’s progress as he takes a shot at lap & speed records in his West/Gibson DEA FE 250. Also interested in the F-125 times and finish too.

Wishing all a safe and enjoyable Kart Week!!!!