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Robert Lawson

Back to driving now, went for a ride yesterday to a Dr app. Getting in & out of the truck requires patients, twisting or pivoting the slightest bit reminds me where I’m at in the recovery process. I can move about though, I actually did a bit too much Tuesday (and maybe today!) and can feel the result of it.

Its going very well otherwise.

Ive been reading some old posts here and I wanted to say I am STILL on board for the Modena engine deal. Phil at CPI (Modena Importer) wants to be sure our water temp issues are solved before submitting one of his engines to my thrashing. We have not proved out the current set-up yet so moving forward with it will have to wait. I do want to get out there and start working on both the chassis’ for the project karts. We can certainly build a bunch of the f-125 without an engine AND use what we have for mock up when we get there. Maybe testing that kart would be best with our own engine first time out anyway.

DKC hasn’t posted a 20′ schedule yet but I hear the Nelson weekend is now late in July. That will work out nicely if our April gig goes off on time, should be able to get the f-125 track worthy by then and still get a shot at another venue or test before getting serious about Daytona. All of this, GOD willing!

I have been working on something for a few months now. We have just submitted our paperwork for this new tentative venture. If it works out we’ll have some very interesting news, Soon! Big step for us.