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Robert Lawson

Passing a milestone last night, no more dressing needed on the surgical site. That’s a relief, infection is always a concern. The last couple staple holes have healed and we are not seeing anything on the bandage.

I’ve been to the gym, walking, but still good to be back over there. Made a few trips into the basement too, climbing steps is getting much easier. My left knee, from nerve damage, seems to want to give out if I’m not careful. Most of the nerve issues have subsided, and muscle spasms have been gone for 2 weeks. The nerve pain in the hip is really all that bothers me and only when standing but its getting better. Doc said it could be 6 months before we know if all the nerve issues will be rectified.

I’ll be sneaking back outside to the garage here soon, over to Rich’s shop as well….. the snowblower engine needs to be reassembled before we get hit with a storm. As soon as I get the driving privileges back I’ll get things moving on the 4 stroke laydown kart. I really want that kart done and running for April. My Hot Rod could use some front end work but nothing that can’t wait until after April. The only event I would like to run is Nelson. Maybe we’ll break down and hit Pitt this Fall, have to wait & see.

Working on some other things too, I’ll share details when they are more certian.