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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all!

Well, things are moving along slowly. I want desperately to get outside but have thought better of it. Staples come out Wednesday, maybe the Dr will clear me to drive and I can get back to the gym and start walking.

Called Curt @ Grattan since we seem to have a 50 degree day in store for us here this week but he said the repair of T1 probably wont get done until Spring. I certainly hope we see some unseasonably warm weather for April and they get it fixed before our Test date. If not, more of the same temp patching and sealing will be done. He said the permanent repair/repave will surely be done before the race in July. Which brings me to the this…..

In the News….

Because I have a different view of the “new  found collaboration” of Karting Orgs and Clubs, sharing race events, many will not understand why I think this is a stinker for “us” the customer or end user. There is far more to this “coming together” than Multiple Orgs lending their name to an event and…. sharing the “love”. The only love that will be shared will come directly from your pocket, as Pit Passes and Entry fees will now jump considerably due to this brain storm of collectivism.

Expect a PP including Thursday “drop off” to be $45 – $50, and your Friday-Sun fee’s to be $150. Why? Because you now have 2, 3 or 4 Orgs ALL bringing “members” (cough… working together) and will want (need) to get paid for their part in it. Also, each org will be represented at said events and they will need to be paid as well.

PS: forget about the “weekend pass” or temp license. You will be required to join 1 (or more) of these multi orgs to be eligible for these events.

Again, why? Extinction. Need an example, look no further than MKC.

Is all this going to happen right out of the gate? Maybe not. But just remember I told you about it HERE, in Nov of 19′.

This news will undoubtedly piss some people off, wouldn’t be surprised if I got “uninvited” to attend an event or 2. Listen up, I’m one of you…. never have I indicated doing track days or tests for the sole intent of making money so I could do it again. I love doing it! The challenge to raise the interest, to meet the lease, to motivate, to grandstand if you will, its good fun to me.

It’s my way of giving back…..