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Robert Lawson

Looks like its going to Rain overnight, possibly into the morning, ending around 8am.

You will get laps in your tow vehicle early, if you want them! There will be a good breeze all day, we should be able to get it dried up in short order.

IF :
There is too much standing water
Endless  flowing water over track surface
Forecast for rain all day

I’ll cancel.

Keep in mind, because of my personal relationship with the Management we are never required to post a non refundable deposit upon booking a date. So, we ARE responsible to pay EMT’s and Marshal’s show up time. It equates to about $50 each. Again, this applies only if we cancel AT THE TRACK. (the day of)

Once we take to the track…. its ours for the day. No discounts.

I plan to head out tomorrow (Sat 26th) about Noon et. I’ll post again if I have time before taking off. Otherwise, I’ll text you in advance if we are to cancel Saturday once arriving Trackside.

Back in 24!