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Robert Lawson

Spoke with Sam this AM. We are all set for Sunday the 27th.

There is no lease activity on Monday the 28th so I’ll be staying over Sunday night too. Personally, I intend to start late, after lunch instead of right out the gate at 9am, and run to the buzzer at 5pm. I’ll take my time getting sorted and load up in the AM.

1-5 pm will be the best part of the day amb temp wise. Needing just a couple runs after break-in it just makes no sense to run all day….. especially with my recent luck.

Bringing a bucket and 50/50 anitfreeze just incase. With the elec H2O pump we can easily pump coolant out while flushing/filling with the other. I may bring it full of AF and flush on Sunday. Friday night looks like it could be close to freezing, not taking any chances.

I’ll have something for lunch. Bring your favorite drinks.

Will have the kart running today, work to do!!!!