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Robert Lawson

Thanks to everyone that sent a check or stopped by with some $$$. We will easily make the minimum requirement to lease on the 27th.

Now we need the weather to play its part and give us, at the very least, a dry day at Grattan. I have been watching some interesting video on YT about the jet streams, the coming Winter and how things are projected to look. Through the end of the month there is this pattern of Arctic cold pushing down then moving away… in cycles of 3-4 days. This results in first a cold trend, then a more normal or average trend, every 3-4 days.

This is what we are looking at right now:   https://darksky.net/details/43.0738,-85.3717/2019-10-27/us12/en

That’s about average!

Keep yer eye on it guys, prayer won’t hurt either!!!