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Robert Lawson


I can’t answer your topic question but I can help in the parts dept.

Go Here: http://www.pavesiengines.com/

Pay no attention to the address, once there click the blue rectangle center of the screen, unless you speak/read Italian click the USA flag top right and go shopping!

You will find Maxter MXO parts under the Maxter Engine Group in the menu.

Pay attention to the first subgroup under Engine Accessories in the menu “Generic Engine Parts”. If you know your engine and what parts cross over to other brands you can easily save BIG $$$$ buying aftermarket or “generic” as they refer to it.

Example: Vortex RVS 125 – ICC complete rebuild from Generic parts….

110mm Complete rod kit (pin, bearing, washers)
TM K9B Piston Kit (ring, pin, clips) Meteor Brand
Wrist Pin Bearing
Carbon Reeds
Main Bearings
2 sets of Crank Seals

With Insured Shipping ($20), from Italy to Detroit Burbs, DHL tracking all the way… it took just 2 DAYS!!!!!!!

246.88 euro…… that’s $277.08 US Dollars! (or was back in Aug.)

Just ordered another piston kit & bearing, to the door with NO insurance ($6.99) STILL ARRIVED IN 2 DAYS!!!  60.89 euro or $67.64 US

I have found no flaw in these parts, the rod is very nice but has yet to be pushed for time.

Happy Shopping!