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Robert Lawson

Thanks to Tony C for the heads up! It WAS a better day!!!!!

I took a ride over to Harbor Freight and got a spool of wire for the MIG and finished the roof support job this afternoon! A couple minor flare ups on the old blankets used as throws but I didn’t burn the trailer down and most importantly the roof coating was not affected.

Found a NOS Vortex cylinder head for the ole RVS on ebay. $40 shipped to the house, I stole it! Will be waiting on it to show before assembling, should be here mid next week (15-16) so I have time to do more 5 minute jobs before Grattan. Have a couple things I want to set up to try on the back of the kart related to the radiator back there.

Its the 6th, just 2 weeks to get this thing paid for. If you are watching the weather don’t bother, its gonna be beautiful… Puffy said so! Seriously, if we cancel I send it back. You have nothing to lose. Cold? It might be cold you say??? Girls, please, they are Racing 2 weeks later in KY. Um-K?

I’m looking forward to getting some laps in, its been a long Summer of watching!