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Robert Lawson

John Debats

My cylinder showed up today! Thats where the good news ends….

Looks like getting Nikasil repaired, correctly that is, will now require using a Professional Porting Dresser as well as the plater themselves. Its obvious none of these Company’s (Lancourt, Millenium, US Chrome) have a clue what the hell they are doing. Or, they just dont care. US Chrome does provide a porosity free surface, unlike the other 2, but all of them SUCK at using a die grinder.

I’ll run it, its a spare, but I wont let them touch another one.

On top of that the spool of wire on my welder “unwound itself”! All knotted up I salvaged just enough to get the roof support tacked in place before running out. Of course the welding shop was closed, Sunday too, so I cant finish that gig till Monday.

“Que Sera, Sera…..”

Tomorrow is another day, with any luck, a better one than today!