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Robert Lawson

John, I did a bunch of research before choosing a product.

Rust was not the only factor, actually, the bonding & sealing effect and properties of the silicone was most important.

After calling the tech line, this was suggested for all types of roofing,


and, was best suited for the flimsy thin metal roofing used on Utility trailers. It also claims to stop rust if properly dressed prior to application.

We used the POR on the chassis about 10 years ago, its still holding up very well! If we do it again, I would not hesitate to go with POR. On the fender well rust, inner and outer, I’m gonna try this:  https://www.autozone.com/paint-and-body/truck-bed-coating/rust-oleum-truck-bed-coating-32oz/827170_0_0

I used that stuff on the old truck rocker panels and it is super tough.

24 hours after painting the “trim” it wrinkled up! The Wife says not to worry though, it looks like the hammer tone finish I used on the wheels!!! From 0-8 feet away it looks terrible…. further away you’d never know. I won’t bother to strip & recoat it until Spring.

I’m adding some support to the AC unit cross member, then the roof insulation and paneling is going on. After Grattan in a few weeks I may remove the rear doors and reskin all or part of them before Winter arrives.

I’m not investing in another trailer, this one is paid for so we have to keep it together.