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Robert Lawson

We are slowly making progress on the October track/test day. A few have sent their $$$ already and others have given me a date to watch the mailbox. I’ll ask the rest of you to pony up at this point as well. Check or M.O. is best, if you are super-tech I can also take PayPal but prefer the old fashioned methods.

I know late October can have overnight lows in the 30’s with High temps only in the 50’s BUT, the sealer the boys put down in early July right before the CES race had TONS of grip and I do not expect that to change in October. On stone cold new “sticker” tires right out of the pits I had full grip. Curt told me as we circled the course that Thursday evening, pointing out the work they did and how they kept everyone off of it before the event, that a “Track Record”  could be achieved that weekend because of the aggressiveness of the sand/aggregate in the polymer. Guess what happened? Thats right…. track record!

So, the cold will play a role on your coolant but not so much on your grip level. Its best to transport with Antifreeze if you need to run the engine before arrival, and flush in the AM before hitting the track. Or, bring it empty…. just be sure to empty the engine completely! Much easier to deal with on a CIK as compared to the enduro.

I’ll want to run the rebuild before getting loaded up so Antifreeze will be the ticket for me. I also finished the roof prep and sealer on the trailer. Man did that turn out nice! A bit of foam insulation inside the roof panels now should make it toasty in there when its cold outside!

I shot video of the process, check it out on YT.


More to come!