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Robert Lawson

Thanks Steve, I’ll put you guys down in Ink!

We still need a couple more. I have a few I’m poking at yet so it looks good thus far.

Yeah, my dancing days are far behind me now. I was watching it on the monitor while recording which makes it more difficult….. like cutting your hair in a mirror!

The trailer roof project is a toughy…. hours and hours standing on a ladder is killing my feet. It will be worth it when its done though, will outlast the rest of it for sure!!!! In the Spring (or maybe yet this Fall?) I plan to paint the trailer the same color as my truck. The white panels are so hard to clean and the paint is actually getting thin from doing so over the years. It needed a refresh, I’ve done the frame once before but it may need another grind and paint soon too.

The MIS gig is officially OFF. My contact at the Speedway sent a note yesterday wanting to know what was happening. It never took off so we shut it down.

Much to do while waiting on the cylinder to return!