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Robert Lawson


ANY story from the past is a GOOD story, regardless of the outcome!!!! The portable I used was a “mandrel” type hone like my Sunnen midget hone, it was just “well used”.

I ordered a new piston kit & bearing, from Italy, it will be HERE Monday! Now, it was a whopping $67 with the shipping, so I took a chance and went with the cheap “uninsured” method for $6. Its going UPS, I just hope Jim Carrey isn’t the delivery guy!!!!

US Chrome will receive the cylinder Monday as well. With the new elevated costs I chose to only send 1 and to wave the $100 “in a rush” fee to get it back right away. So, Pitt is out! Grattan is lurking, I really would like to see a few more guys signed up so I could rest easy. But if it doesn’t work out there is  “The Frozen Tundra of the Corvette Museum Speedway” in Nov.

Will just have to wait and see how it shakes out.

Fortunately, I now have a bunch of time to get some other things on the list done. Going to address the trailer roof this weekend!

Later Y’all!