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Robert Lawson

Sunday afternoon before heading home from Gingerman I took a tour of the paddock, pen in hand, and gathered many email addy’s and stirred up interest in a Grattan test in October. Also, spreading the info of April testing to many whom still had no idea it had been going on for years.

I’m cautiously optimistic about getting one of the available Sunday’s in October locked down. I need the testing, we broke a piston during break-in at Gman and didn’t learn a thing.

The MIS gig isn’t dead yet, I’ll give it until Oct 1st as I intended. It certainly doesn’t look good though.

Never fails, 3 years in a row now I call Pocono and then saw an engine in half before getting over there!!!! I REALLY need to get the laydown 4 banger together so we have at least 1 reliable kart in this garage!!!!!