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Robert Lawson

I have 5 guys for each venue as of now. Were 1/4th the way there!!!!

Not getting too excited about it just yet, thats for sure.

Got the engine rebuilt today so I’m looking forward to Gman in a couple weeks. Chuck has his little project done and will be bringing his Smoker out to the track. Smoked Brisket all weekend sounds good to me! I hear rumblings that the Rumsey Team Boys, Matt & Johnny, will be running a couple of Larry’s shifters in Unltd. That should make the helmet cam video interesting!!!! Again, I’m aproaching this as testing, otherwise its really like a RWYB without a class.

Its all good, food fun & friends is what its all about. Gonna beat up on this new rod and see how it holds up.

If we dont get the numbers for either test by October 1st I’ll have a plan in place to get to Pocono and do a config/surface test. There is talk of an event there in the future……

More to come,