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Robert Lawson

The Crank and Parts are off to be rebuilt, I now have a ton of work to do to the kart itself.

The new radiator is big, but, according to the “rules” I have 110″ of overall length and 24″ straight back from the rear of the axle to fit it in. The plan is to keep it low, on a very slight angle, between the frame rails, just inside the rear bumper. More extending of the bumper was necesarry but as I said there is plenty of fudge factor to play with back there.

I tried to link an Italian karting news site here but it wouldn’t let me do it. They actually want you to “subscribe” to read their articles but they give you just enough of a look to see whats up. The story was about the New Line karting folks and their new radiator set up for CIK shifters, obviously for Euro Sprint Racing. Guys, this rad sits absolutely flat! Horizontal, parallel to the track surface. The artice was about the development of this set up and the composite 2 stage “scoop” and deflector used to produce a water temp of 47C (116.6 F) on a Sunny 13C (55F) test day.

I think you’ll start seeing these things soon, maybe by Daytona.

Take a look:


I have no intention of trying to bring in cooling air from under my full bodied, full floor trayed, laydown chassis to feed my rad ….. this practice did not work for us in the past! But I do intended to keep the full radiator under the standard enduro bodywork and duct the cool fresh air to it, AND use the flow of air exiting the  under side of the kart to help draw away the forced air coming in from above.

With the added length comes added bodywork. I’ll make a new side panel and split it in half using each bit to extend the exsisting right and left sides. A center panel will be worked up too to complete the new extended rear.

IF we make Gingerman and IF we leave there with a running kart I may try to work out a day to test Pocono before it gets too late in the season. That would be a nice way to finsh off the year.

More to come, check the YT channel for whats going on….. I record everything!!!