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Robert Lawson

“All’s well that end’s well…..”

Or that’s what they say!

I come away from Grattan a bit confused and a bit relieved! The wheel work and tire test went well, very well. The cooling system mod also worked, so I went 2 for 2. The confusing bit was how I could so mildly stick the engine in practice, go for a high speed spin, find the damage almost non exesistant, all after I had run the engine hard at Gingerman last September! Oh I got it fixed and running right before the Green flag flew at race time, even found why it may have stuck to begin with…. but after just 12 or 15 minutes of running it may have lost the lower rod bearing. I wont know for sure until I get it apart but I have heard this noise 2 other times, the latest at MIS last August. Confused because I had at least another 5 hours of safe run time before reaching the rebuild window. Confused because all the data, just like the AM issue, looked safe or good.

I ran that VP gas. It smells like a damn Meth lab!!! Multiple people questioned the smell, although, others were running it or the same brand/blend. Who knows!

It was a great weekend though. Met a bunch of folks that look in here, at the YT channel, AND more guys that are interested in April testing that had no idea we did such things!!!

Not giving up on MIS this Fall but I guess myself and 3 others are the only guys silly enough to think its a good opportunity. We’ll see but they are not busting the door down over here for sure.

More to come, here is the race video from Saturday: