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Robert Lawson

I’m a little excited about Grattan… and beyond, when possible!

The Maxxis tires are not going to work. Gonna try some Hoosiers on these new wheels.

Got my transponder fixed up today. Did the battery replacement awhile back but didn’t secure them properly and had trouble once the kart got rolling. Shes good to go now, Steve at Battery Giant set me up.

Brother Rich is selling out. He has sold his kart to Tony Herpolshimer whom takes delivery at Grattan. Rich will do the engine break-in on Friday morning then hand it off to Tony and help him get acclimated to laying down. Its a great deal for Tony, he already has a CR Honda from his CIK kart that will act as a back up to the RS. He intends to race it this weekend!

Looking very much forward to his expression after his first laps. Only thing better than a guys first laps in a laydown is his first impression of the straight line speed compared to his CIK.

Tony is already asking about Daytona!!!

Back soon,