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Robert Lawson

That bumper project is done now, I just have some std. maintenance to do to get ready for Grattan. Just a big test session for me, pricey for the amount of time but have to take what we can get at this point.

I’ll be heading to Mid-Ohio with Bro Kenny. No kart but it IS a project related trip. When I can share more I will, just want to be sure the bond is strong before speaking out of place.

Daytona. I know, I know… its June how can anyone be thinking about December already? Well, I am! The above project, and its partnership bonds, are related to Daytona and being successful there. So what does that have to do with Track Days? I’m glad you asked!!!!

I just spoke to Jennifer @MIS again this week about that Oval Only Test. The idea is to help Daytona bound Northern/Mid Westerners gain an advantage by offering a real simulation for testing. I’ve given thought to a “road course lane” on the very wide back straight. An area way down low where you could slow the kart enough to use its clutch (s) or gearbox.

If nothing else, its a chance to see how big your stones are. A Bucket List opportunity to drive your kart as fast as you can get it to go.

The date she originally gave me was Sunday Oct 13th, but, she also has the following Saturday open, the 19th. Maybe that can be used as a r**n date?

I’ll need at least 25 guys to do this for about $250 per man. Richard Petty has a line of guys waiting to spend that much to ride around on a speed limiter for 12 laps…. 4 laps at a time!

More yet…..