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Robert Lawson

Obviously I’m slowly (and very carefully) getting back into the swing of things. If you follow the videos I post new clips just about every day, sometimes a few per day. I have a bit to get done before Grattan, and, another trip to the Hematologist yet.

My Vascular Dr. said it was really up to me to occasionally take a 3 day sabbatical from the meds to drive the kart. But, the call to be on these meds forever is up to the Hematologist, he is the blood specialist. I’ll know either way right before Grattan.

I know and accept the risks of going on and off the med. Fortunately its not like PE or A-fib which could lead to stroke. My only risk is another clot, 3 days shouldn’t be enough time for that to happen. I won’t be doing more than 2-3 events per year anyway. A bit of a bummer though, I’m going to sell my CBR250R, THAT risk is just too high.

We play the cards we’re dealt folks…. I’m just gettin a bit creative with mine while I can!!!!!