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Robert Lawson

As promised, I have finally got back out in the shop and shot a clip for Y’all.

I address a few points made by my good buddies and karting friends TJ & Greg from their online podcast/livestream karting talk show. Also, I think its “nice” that the Orgs & Clubs are making alliances to produce well attended events. With each continuing to hold to their own rules & classes its just the SOS with a different wrapper. Not more karts racing for the same award mind you, but more karts coming through the door, period. And the costs still go up! Hmmm…..

Next Video:

I will share my oppinion of what went wrong, ID the causes of these issues, and share an idea or 2 on how and where to look outside the box to help get the health of the sport/hobby going forward instead of backward.

I’d love to do this live and take calls!