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Robert Lawson

No sense dragging this on until Sunday.

I would already have informed Sam that we will be canceling if he had answered either of his phones!

So that’s it, we have officially canceled for April 13-14 2019.

I’ll get the few payments I have heading back to you Monday, in the mail.

Myself and 1 other guy, knowing we could not participate, had ponied up an entry so the rest of you could turn laps. This HAS happen in the past as well by a few other regulars. It takes a dedicated group of folks, cant remember the last time we didn’t have a Spring Test at Grattan scheduled….. Times they are a changin.

I will finish my kart and get it all back in one piece, wrapped up & packed up, ready to run in the chance sometime in the future I can drive it. If not, the plastic tanks will stay bright & clean forever!

Any questions shoot me a note. I’ll check back in, I have more details about the MIS gig later this year to work out and share yet.

Talk soon!