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Robert Lawson

Spoke to Sam, things are slow so he gave me another week to find enough drivers.

I have been scratching names off the list as payments came in this week. If everyone on this list sends an entry we will be able to do a Single day.

Saying that, I dont believe everyone that asked for details is going to send an entry, so, we need to find a few more guys just to cover my a$$. 2-3 over and above the list here would make me feel better thats for sure.

I have also contacted a few “Car” guys to see if they would be interested in testing if we get close but not quite there on $$$. This will be a last resort as we would then have to split the total time to give them a few runs.

Good news is we now have a choice between Sat or Sun if weather becomes an issue. Always nice to have a back up plan! Everything is in the mix right now, I’m doing the best I can with what I have to work with Y’all!

More to come!