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Robert Lawson

In just about a week you will have to had put something in the USPS to get it to Detroit by the 1st.

Looking at the expected weather pattern I might be very close in calling for a daytime High in the 60’s. The overnight stuff looks to be a bummer though with lows in the 30’s still.

I get it, too cold for most….. I feel it too!  The weekend lease at this point is all but lost, any chance at a single day is quickly falling apart as well. Its all good boys, the few of you on board will have to join me in doing it the old fashioned way….. watching the weather for the first race weekend and making a call to go there!!!!!!

It has been a very strange off season. No interest in October, no motivation through the Winter, Spring bringing mild weather not enough to wake up & get going…… I’m gonna keep pluggin away at it here and maybe July wont be so hot this Summer! (then again, that would be a GOOD test for the aux rad!!!)

Talk to y’all next week.