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Robert Lawson

I have a date for an MIS Oval Test!

They are holding Sunday October 13 2019.

I might be looking at this as a kid looks at a new toy, but you just dont get opportunities like this very often. Very surprised how affordable this is for an ISC Speedway. Maybe because they don’t have to do any prep of an infield, placing barriers and such, or just that they will not need to open any walls (other than the crossover for entry). Who knows, but as details become more clear I’ll pass the info along. Now, the Insurance shopping takes place!


This much I can share:

*Oval ONLY!

*It will be an 8 hour day

*We will drive the karts to and from our pit in paddock

* I will provide a flat trailer/tow back

* Lunch is on me too

Man this would be huge fun, I sure hope we can pull it off!

More Soon!!!