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Robert Lawson

In speaking with Sam this week we talked about the latest rumors of a pending sale. I had heard yet again of some type of deal to sell the track.

He didn’t give me the same ole poo-poo story and play it off this time. He said there are multiple players at work trying to cut deals to buy them out. He went on to explain that the bookings this year are in stone and nothing will change, regardless of any sale taking place. IF it were to sell, they (the Family) would contractually stay on through a transition period.

It sure sounded to me, unlike ALL the other times I have asked him about a “sale” in the works, that they are ready to let the place go. He explained all the possibilities. The good news of a sale is it would surely lead to many upgrades that are long overdue. The bad news is that any change will obviously be reflected in the lease price.

An annual lessee would probably be given first refusal of any dates from new Management but anything can happen.

A newly revamped Grattan Raceway, at a much higher lease rate, may be attractive to a healthy Karting Org. Then again, agreeing to pay more may still put you on the outside looking in (VIR). Simply jacking up the entry fee without adding to the total number will not fly when Fee’s have not changed at places like M-O or Pitt Race with the same turn outs. Karters may be cheap…. but they aren’t stupid!


I suggest you take advantage of all the track time available at Grattan THIS year.

More to come!